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What could cause the difference among the the fabric of curtains?

Le 4 December 2015, 08:04 dans Humeurs 0

Among the task of fabric, there is little company who have the energy, many family would do the task in the house, at the same time, we have the limit of money and plan, so the quality of the fabric could be different of the task.

At this time, there are more and more curtain complains about the curtains, at this time, the quality of curtains could make us very shinning in the curtains, the smell, HCHO and other problem would be the problem of the customers, so many customers would not have the trust damage.

Great European Style formal dining room curtains with Printing Floral Patterns
From: Great European Style formal dining room curtains

The biggest problem which could cause the quality of curtains could be the competition, in order to save money and win the high pain, some sellers would change the color and function which could damage the fabric, even some of them could add the chemistry to the fabric, which could cause damage to the fabric, at the same time, they could hurt our health.

After you purchase the curtains, if you don’t hurry to settle in, I think you had better keep the cooling, which could be helpful to get rid of the smell, at the same time, the curtains would be somewhat dirty, which could attract the HCHO, we had better clean the room and make it cool, then we could get the rid of the damage of HCHO, then we could have the good living condition, this would be great.

Biggie Best Curtains of Jacquard Crafts in Polyester
From: Biggie Best Curtains of Jacquard Crafts in Polyester

It is different for us to show the different kinds of the fabric, at the same time, the cotton curtains would be nature, at the same time, there would be somewhat HCHO, in general, after you purchased the curtains, you had better wash them, then the effect of HCHO would be reduced, at the same time, the dirty thing could not be involved into the water, if you do like this, then the damage would be reduced into the least.

Use the best blackout curtain to block sunlight for interiors decoration

Le 7 November 2015, 09:33 dans Humeurs 0

Strong Ultraviolet rays might burnt the furniture and the floor inside the room, both furniture and floor are easy to fade and damage if a long with sunlight irradiation. To solve this problem, blackout curtains are good choice with which can stop light out to protest the furniture and floor from burning hurt. Meanwhile, blackout curtains have great heat insulation quality for interiors decoration.

Air conditioning are commonly used to keep room cool or warm in summer and winder. But it harm for health turning on air conditioning after a long time. Curtains so that become popular and being an essential part for home decor, for which can lower the inside temperature at the same time the thick fabric can block light out to keep room cool in summer, meanwhile with blackout curtains for home decor that help us save money on the electric bill. Moreover, for some people who are poor of sleep, blackout curtains work well on light shading that to keep room dark and then offer a quiet dark and comfortable room to them to sleep.


Blackout curtains fabric selection is very important process. Some fabrics are environmental protection material without any chemical composition so they are good for health. And those curtains are good of quality and with nice workmanship. The price of course are more expensive than others common curtains. Especially the printed floral curtains. The simplest ways to know whether it is blackout or not, hanging on facing to the light, after that you know which is the best blackout curtain.

best blackout curtain

The most important features of blackout curtains are light shading and UN-antic. That means transmittance need to pay attention to, good blackout curtains do not allow light to be transmitted through.

Your princess curtain for home decoration

Le 25 September 2015, 11:12 dans Humeurs 0

With the development of economy, science and technology progress,Accelerated pace of reform and opening policy. There are more and more product which related to Korean from drama or in the market, especially a lots of fans of Korean drama fall in love deeply with Korea-related stuff. It is easy to find that young girls even the boys around us discussing what is the most popular Korean-drama lately. Sometime we can not understand why there are so many middle-aged or elders also fond of Korean drama.


The most impression of Korean drama is the heroine or leading man. Every single heroine has her princess room where hanging on with a beautiful prince curtain in the front of the window, which is envy by lots of girls. They dream that one day she can has her own princess room in her home where there are lots of decors in princess style. Girls love flower and decorations because they want to have the most beautiful room in the world. It is easy to them to make their dream come true for princess curtain can be found everywhere in curtain market. Every single girl can has your own princess room if you do your curtain selection carefully. Finished a room the same as the TV show and show your friend around to enjoy your room style.

princess curtain

There are lost of princess curtain types in variety style, with vivid patterns and beautiful colors to meet all the requirement what custom require. Providing lots of choice for you so that you can take back home the right one for your home decoration and decorated your own princess style to attract more attention. If you want to be a princess, and action now to choose you own princess curtain to your room decor, adding some ornament to make your room become more attractive.

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